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Impact Assessment and Evaluations

Bluechain Consulting offers our clients an independent, inquisitive and evidence based approach to evaluations.  With experience reviewing some of the water sector's largest and most innovative programs, we aim to ensure evaluations provide a robust review of achievement against plans, but also capture lessons and insights to inform future programming and drive the sector to greater efficiency. 

Research and Knowledge Reviews

We offer our clients research skills which combine international best practice and local knowledge.  Bluechain Consulting can provide a research team with an in-depth understanding of the full methodological toolkit, including complex systems approaches, statistical analysis, and advanced qualitative analysis.  We can support in identifying the most appropriate research methodology, as well as formulating research questions and tools, and translating these into a practical research design with the highest ethical standards. 

Training and Facilitation

Bluechain Consulting has developed and led training on a range of subjects over the years, including; community based water management models, behaviour change communication, supply chain development, and utility financing.  We can support our clients to address learning needs, from capacity assessments to conceptualizing and implementing appropriate training tools. We also offer inspiring and thought provoking facilitation to support your organization  achieve the most out of meetings, internal reviews and workshops. 

Policy Analysis

The Bluechain Consulting team has significant experience in supporting governments and development partners to design and implement effective policies in the water and sanitation sector. We can undertake comprehensive reviews of the enabling environment to support the design of new policies, which can achieve targets and objectives.  These assessments include cost analysis and review of policies' implementation feasibility and 

acceptability amongst stakeholders. 

Bluechain Consulting can also support the evaluation of existing policies to understand their effectiveness, their impacts on different groups and any unintended consequences.

Programme Development and Management

Bluechain Consulting has extensive expertise in developing and managing water and sanitation programs in Africa and Asia for the World Bank, UN agencies, NGOs and private sector firms.  We have a robust understanding of water supply and water resource management issues in developing countries, as well as sanitation and hygiene promotion approaches.  From developing tangible theories of change to implementing agile project management technics, Bluechain Consulting can provide a comprehensive service to ensure results are delivered and value for money is achieved. 

Financing and Investment Analysis

Effective financing for water, sanitation and hygiene is essential to accelerate and sustain services to meet the SDG targets.  Bluechain Consulting can provide support to help your organization better understand how the next dollar should be spent to achieve results in different environments.  Our experience includes conducting hydro-economic analysis, reviews of sector financial flows, undertaking value for money analysis, and developing innovative blended finance models to leverage resources.  Bluechain Consulting also has experience of results based project financing models, such as Payment for Results (PfR) and Output Based Aid (OBA). 

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