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Citywide Inclusive Sanitation Series




Citywide Inclusive Sanitation systems are expected to advance the outcomes of safe, equitable, and sustainable services for all users in a city. To achieve these outcomes at scale, the inherent failures associated with sanitation service markets must be corrected by publicly organized sanitation service systems. For systems to function safely, at scale, over time, and inclusively, they must be organized to support three functions: responsibility, accountability, and resource planning and management. With the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and in collaboration with ESAWAS Regulators Association, WSUP and Urban Research, we have produced series of short papers to present the role of each CWIS function (downloadable above). These are initial framing publications, to be followed by longer publications centred around in-depth case studies, which will be available later in the year. 



Climate change, rapid population growth, and increasing demand for water has resulted in governments and businesses having to rethink how they manage scarce water resources to achieve their social, economic and environmental goals.

Bluechain Consulting offers advisory services and technical assistance to governments, development partners, and private sector clients to maximise the impact of their investments in the water and sanitation sector. We are specialist in supporting our clients to manage natural resources, achieve sustainable growth, contribute to poverty reduction and support the reduction of inequality in access to water and sanitation services. 


Bluechain Consulting has a proven track record of improving the operational efficiency of our clients, by strengthening systems, supporting evidence based decision making and the adoption of new service delivery and financing models.


Bluechain Consulting has a wealth of experience and a comprehensive range of technical expertise across Africa and Asia.


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