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Innovative solutions to meet tomorrow's global water challenges 

What We Do

Climate change, rapid population growth, and increasing demand for water has resulted in governments and businesses having to rethink how they manage scarce water resources to achieve their social, economic and environmental goals.

Bluechain Consulting is a UK-based company that offers advisory services and technical assistance to governments, international development organisations and private sector clients to maximise the impact of their investments in the water and sanitation sector.

We have a proven track record of improving the operational efficiency of our clients and the impact of their investment in the water and sanitation sector. Detailed and thorough analysis enables us to strengthen sector systems, facilitate evidence based decision making and support the adoption of new service delivery and financing models. We have a wealth of experience and a comprehensive range of technical expertise across Africa and Asia.

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A Water-Resilient Economy 

A Hydro-Economic and Climate Change Analysis for Rwanda

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This report from Bluechain Consulting and its partners analyses which sectors and geographical areas in Rwanda are likely to experience water resource challenges that could hamper future growth and transformation in the country. It demonstrates the many intersectoral linkages in water resource management by examining the gaps between water demand and supply, and how those gaps play out in Rwanda’s macroeconomy. While, across the country, Rwanda is likely to have sufficient water to meet its economic targets, without effective planning to address seasonal and geographic variability and the uncertainty caused by climate change, there is a risk that water scarcity could hold back the country’s development. There is a need for more structured investment planning and streamlined, more strategic water allocations across water catchments and economic sectors, specifically agriculture, to meet growing demand and ambitious targets.

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Citywide Inclusive Sanitation as a Public Service Series

Analysis of the CWIS Functions:

  • Responsibilities​

  • Accountability 

  • Resource Planning & Management

These core functions are required of any effective sanitation service delivery system to achieve Equity, Safety, and Sustainability. 

Other Projects


Water & Sanitation
Sector Financing 

  • Analysis of financial flows/sources

  • Development of Financing Strategies

  • Blend financing approaches 

  • Hydro-economic anlaysis

  • Outputs Based Aid approches

  • Micro-finance interventions

  • Value for money assessments


Scaling Digital Solutions in the Water Sector

Digitalisation is transforming how utilities function and how water services are delivered, our work has looked at smart metering, pay-as-you-go systems, IoT/M2M connectivity, GIS tracking, and FINTech solutions.

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